What makes Etiqa different

Etiqa Insurance is a licensed life and general insurance company registered in the Republic of Singapore and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Etiqa has been providing General Insurance solutions in Singapore for more than 55 years. In 2014, we added a comprehensive suite of life insurance solutions. Rated “A-” by Fitch for our financial strength and stable outlook, we believe in our brand promise of humanising insurance and placing people over policies.

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Being at Etiqa is not just about career progression. We want our people to thrive in an environment where they can grow as professionals and acquire crucial personal skills that will last beyond their time with us.

Don’t take our word for it – hear it yourself from our people.

Jake Chew
Risk Management

My Etiqa journey has been such an amazing experience in terms of the work and people. The work does not just encompass around designated departments, but involves many cross-functional collaborations that cultivate strong teamwork, strengthening the relationship between inter-departments. Etiqans are extremely helpful, upbeat and genuine with a very positive atmosphere that is noticeable at all levels. Furthermore, work-life balance in Etiqa is always kept in check as there are many initiatives to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Etiqa is definitely a company with huge growth potential and a solid foundation which enables it to grow with such agility. There are tremendous opportunities to grow together with Etiqa as it strives for greater heights.

Kenneth Boey
Strategic Management & Governance

I joined Etiqa Singapore in 2014 and have had the privilege to witness Etiqa grow from strength to strength. As a staff sitting in the 2nd Line of Defence, I appreciate the ability to work with and provide value-adding advice to frontline business and sales team and backend operations. As a young start up in a MNC setting, Etiqans are empowered to innovate and make a difference at our work place. I enjoy the family-like working atmosphere where staff can collaborate and check-in with each other freely, while relishing the opportunity to be a part of the bold vision to be a leading digital insurer in Singapore.

Tan Pey Gee
Business Transformation & Information Technology

I joined Etiqa as a Life Insurance Business Analyst years ago. Etiqa is an exciting company to work for with lots of potential. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that come with the company’s rapid growth and development.

The best part of Etiqa is the people and its culture. My colleagues are all talented, passionate and the energy here is infectious.

Joanne Phang
Customer Experience & Propositions

What I love most during my 4 years with Etiqa is the learning from my awesome bosses and colleagues. Etiqa is an agile organisation which promotes ample learning opportunities. You will be exposed to different areas and all these opportunities have contributed in moulding my knowledge, skillsets and cultivating a positive attitude. Working in Etiqa certainly gives me a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, I really appreciate the fun activities organised within the company to encourage work-life balance e.g. movie nights, table tennis competitions, fitness activities etc.

Job Areas

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Etiqa’s Actuarial team protects the financial wellbeing of the company by managing risks and solvency, while keeping products suitably priced and relevant through statistical data analysis, while managing the financial soundness of our participating fund with the objective to deliver stable and reasonable returns for customers.

Agency & Broking

We are responsible for steering Etiqa’s Agency & Broking channel growth through programmes, initiatives, and relationship building with our intermediaries to enhance Etiqa’s industry presence.

Bancassurance & Strategic Partnerships

We drive the strategy and development of Etiqa’s face to face distribution channels to ensure we meet the needs of customers whilst achieving our aspirational growth ambitions. As a member of Maybank Group, we work closely with Maybank Singapore to distribute Etiqa’s products through their branch network by providing business development support and specialist insurance knowledge. In addition, we manage and grow our high-net-worth business through partnerships with leading banks, independent financial advisory firms and international brokers.

Risk, Compliance & Audit

We develop risk management frameworks and policies to manage potential risks that Etiqa faces and create value for our stakeholders. We also help ensure that compliance standards are adhered to and internal controls are adequate and effective in our workplace to maintain our standing as a reputable company.


Our priority is to protect the company’s financial and management position. This is done through timely and accurate reporting as well as statutory reporting to keep in line with national compliance standards. We also manage Etiqa’s investment portfolio to direct the fund management policy of the EIPL.

Human Capital

Etiqa’s Human Capital team gives strategic advice and operational support to attract the best talents by creating a culture where our people can thrive. Employee engagement, team management, learning and development, performance management and rewards are some ways we commit to creating a conducive workplace environment.

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Information Technology

We provide our policyholders, employees, agents and other distribution partners with technical support to ensure that Etiqa’s day-to-day operations and online platforms run smoothly. In addition, we attend to customer queries and introduce new innovations across teams to stay current.

Business Transformation

The Business Transformation team partners across departments to study business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within the organization. At Etiqa, we are constantly reviewing our solutions and services through digital transformation to enhance our customers’ experience with a goal to drive rapid digital transformation within the insurance sector.

Direct and Digital Marketing

The digital marketing and direct business team drives digital processes in building and promoting a comprehensive online presence through ambitious and captivating digital marketing campaigns, with an objective to achieve successful and consistent sales growth, establishing market share and customer retention through vision and execution.

Customer Experience & Propositions

As a company that places People over Policies, we bridge the gap between the organisation and its customers as well as other stakeholders. The team manages the development of insurance products and solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern day consumer, and all aspects of customer touchpoints to ensure excellence in customer experience.


The Operations team is instrumental in providing support services to ensure smooth operations with our policyholders, employees, agents and other distribution partners.